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Scary Reality

Never in million years have we been this narcissist over ourselves. We always need to look good not only for ourselves and for others. We have been so curious on how we will be able to trim that tummy, or how our teeth will be perfectly aligned, or even how our skin would radiate with a pink glow that we would do anything.

This generation has been so obsessed with getting that perfect body that we cannot help it but mull and try different diets without consulting the experts because by far we know that this is our body and we know it best anyway. Just because someone looks fit does it mean that he or she is healthy inside. On the contrary just because a person is a bit chubbier than you are, it means that he or she is healthier than you are. Our body does not work that way, ours among all organism in this planet is the most complex and diverse that it would require multiple experts to fully understand our body and its system as a whole.

There have been multiple diets that have been living with us, for some it works but for many it does not. Losing weight is not as simple as trading your carbohydrates for proteins or you do not eat dinner because that will make you lose weight. Again, our body does not work that way.

South beach diet, weight watchers, Mediterranean diet, zone diet, Atkins diet, volumetrics, raw food diet, and the paleo diet are some of the well believed diets that according to statistics are efficiently working. Now there is a new trend that has shaken the internet, the Weight Destroyer Program.

I know it sounds scary at first, but this is the new diet plan that seems to be shaking off the market and its competitor. Weight destroyer program is discovered by a 56-year-old man named Michael Wren which on that point is in the verge of his death. He was very unhealthy that is why the doctors have to set an expiration date for him which is more or less 6 months only. However, this young man did not just help himself by losing 53 pounds in 6 weeks with this discovery but also thousands of hopeful people out there as well.

This kind of miracles is what led people to cling into superficial diets. Prevention is better than cure, we all know that. So it is better to maintain your weight now than wait for the time where we are forced to starve ourselves because we do not have a choice. Living a healthy bad will hurt nobody so I do not see a reason why we should not do it. For what it’s worth if we live healthily now, we would have more time to spend with the people we love, we would enjoy a longer time living our lives, we would be able to do tons of activities without worrying about complications that would hurt us in the future. We do not have to worry on how much we will have to pay in the hospital or how much our maintenance medicine would be. All of it will be gone.

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Unclog a Drain

A blocked drain is one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners encounter. It may be a petty issue for some, but it has an enormous impact if this will be neglected. Sometimes, the flooding is caused by blocked drains that were ignored which could affect the health of the people if this problem has contaminated the water system. In order to prevent this, regular inspection should be made especially on blocked drains Geelong residents often complains. Geelong in Australia has a history of frequent flooding, which is why if there are problems like blockage on the drains and sewer this should be given immediate attention.

But for simple blocked drains, there are ways to remove blockage the easiest way.

First Step: Put a wet cloth on the overflowing basin or tub. Though most kitchen sinks do not have overflow vent, some with side by side vents can be covered up with a wet cloth. For homes with two bathrooms that are back to back, it is best to block drains and overflow vent of the other basin. In this way, it would be easier for the plunger to work properly because there is less overflowing, thanks to the wet cloth.

Second Step: in using the plunger, fill the clogged basin with water enough to cover the head of the plunger. To create a better seal, coat the lip of the plunger with petroleum jelly then slide the plunger’s cup onto the drain opening and rapidly pump the plunger up and down. As you pump the drain opening, you will feel that the water moves in and out of the drain. The pressure building up from pumping will be the force that will dislodge the blockage in the drain. And after a dozen strikes, quickly jerk up the plunger and the water will rush out. In case there’s a little movement in the water, repeat the same procedure until the water rush out the drain.

Third Step: in case that the plunger did not work out, you can use chemical drain opener, but this should not be used on the drains that are completely blocked because it composed of caustic agents that could destroy the fixtures. In this situation, it is best to use the drain-and-trap auger. This auger can be used by removing the popup stopper from the clogged drain then insert an auger wire into the opening. And as the wire advances the thumbscrew is loosened and tightened. And if by any chance the wire have encountered something inside, what you’ll need to do is to move in back and forth as you turn the auger handle. And once you have successfully removed the blockage, continue turning the handle as you slowly withdraw the auger.

Fourth Step: if the auger did not manage to remove the blockage in the drain, remove the clean-out plug under the sink and catch the trapped water with a bucket. Use a hook and reach the clog. But if this method fail, use a wire and insert it in the drain-and-trap auger to clean out the drain. Advance the wire toward the basin and the drainpipe in order to remove the blockage.


log furniture

Interior Design Trends This #Fall2015: A Callback from Mother Nature

Nature is the inspiration for this season’s interior design trends as furniture designers and interior decorators pay homage to the tones of the earth. Palettes of subdued browns, bright oranges and pale yellows are seen throughout forecast and reviews as well as rough textures and undone finishes of ugly marble, driftwood and hammered metals are conquering the rooms of the chic and trending. But with summer just starting it’s great that you plan ahead and lead the pack because the stylish never sleeps. Here are some trends you can easy replicate this coming fall.


                From burnished to sea soaked, to polished to raw, name it and it’s probably on the books this fall. A return to roots as well as paying tribute to the material’s many unsung permutations; log furniture has been a central focus as seen with the many trends it is interpreted this fall. A push for geometric hexagonal tables with logs as the base was featured in blogs and magazines such as GQ, Details and Elle. World Street Journal prefers it pale and raw and heralded it as a ceiling accent matched with greige, blush or lilac walls for a tinge of the unexpected. Log tables were also seen matched with avant-garde yet artisanal chairs as the mix match of the new and old offered a new spin on luxurious juxtaposition.


No need to call PETA because no actual cows were harmed in the resurgence of this trend. This texture du jour is causing everything made from this material to fly off stocks of furniture stores, with a strong, masculine finish yet feels plush and comfy, either when you sit or lay on it, no wonder everyone is crazy for the deluxe juxtaposition it brings. Strengthen up your A-game by buying a cowhide sofa, or a rug or even a coffee table. It’s also an easy way for urban spaces to have that right kind of rustic kick.


Yes, the gold rush is now in session. The gold accent pieces are trending and rocking the design world, but with a rough edge this time. Taking it away from its smooth, polished, sophisticated and refined roots, gold pieces with a rough treatment is now where were heading. Hammered, freely molten, or just in cleaned still nugget form it gives us a different perspective of the metal, that unconventional aesthetics can be truly applied to it. The great thing about this trend is that it’s mixable with the other trends in metal finishes like copper and silver although the former is highly suggested that the latter. Mixing metals will be a strong trend for 2015 but couple this with another trend of mixing time periods. So go ahead and mix that golden Victorian chintz couch with that Bauhaus inspired copper lamp. It also jives seamlessly with the trend of mixing metals. Opt for warm metals like brass, copper, gold and rose gold; although lighter metals such as white gold, silver, platinum can be mixed with the warm metals as well.

hotels in Galway

Diamond in the Rough

Once in a while we all deserve to get a chance to breathe and relax and leave all the problems under the city lights. To find a place where nature and modern sophistication meets and find their common grounds. Now the question is, where will we find this perfect get away?

Galway, Ireland offers bountiful choices from luxury living to an adventure that is something closer to the sea. Here are some sites to visit if you are a nature lover;

  1. One of the best sites in Galway is the Connemara National Park; a very accessible park wherein hiking at Diamond Hill is one of the highlights. Four lakes could also be seen while raging to the peak of the hill. Different sceneries could also be spotted along the trail.


  1. Another thing to do while in Galway is visit the Wild Atlantic Way; despite the narrow way the scenery that will be waiting for you will definitely be worth it.


  1. Cooper’s Hill Livery is also one of the many sites to visit in Galway. There are horses that are up for riding. Beach rides and Burren experience ride was the one to watch if visiting this place. There are also ponies which will give you a good vantage point to the sceneries up ahead.


  1. Sea kayaking and canoeing at Kayakmor is also one of the highlights in the beautiful town of Galway. A closer view can also be offered while kayaking along the sea waves.


  1. Aran Island Ferries is usually visited by tourists who like island hopping. The island is one of the mind-blowing sceneries in Galway.


For those tourists who are more of a city person and have modern tastes, these things are to be reckoned with;

  1. There are multiple hotels in Galway, ranging from three to five stars. These hotels offer variety in services and products depending on your preferences.


  1. Theatre performances in Galway are very traditional and is a must watch and eye catcher. Comedy shows are also made available by the artists.


  1. Another feature in the Galway is the Quay Street; this street caters food, music and drinks of the Galway. It is basically a street party where Galway is featured. There are also pubs, shops and restaurants in the area because it is a busy street it is also confirmed as” old wall street” street.


  1. Old infrastructures are also the sight to see in Galway. Infrastructures like the old Galway Cathedral Church. Tig Coili where live traditional music is performed.


  1. Galway’s Latin Quarter features the city’s rich history and background with cobblestone paths and historical pubs. Different stories are also imprinted in this area.


  1. Different local pubs also offer different stories such as O’Connor’s Pub and Crane Bar which features the city’s finest musicians and drinks.


  1. Rathbaun Farm is also one of the finest tourist spots. Tourists visit the family run working farm in a beautiful garden and a quaint thatched roof cottage.


  1. The Bike tour is also one of the unique sides of Galway where the tourists tour around the Connemara area.


  1. The Galway Fisheries Watchtower Museum is the top museum of Galway which also features its rich culture and history.
best wedding videographer in Toronto

9 Details Your Wedding Videographer Should Be Focusing On

Wedding videos are the audiovisual synthesis of your wedding day. A collective symphony of emotions all interweaved under the baton of love. And with that heavy introduction right there it should be as multisensory as possible. It should remind us of all the cocktail of emotions we experience on that special day, it should be a mix of lightness, laughter, disbelief, giddiness and shots of everyone crying as you say your I do’s. With these tricks coupled by a powerful background music that can send even the coldest of hearts begging for a tissue, besides the best wedding videographer in Toronto has been doing this for years so you’re in capable hands.

Behind The Scenes

  1. The wedding gown- macro shots showing how detailed the gown is, the beading, embroidery the lace work etc. Insider Tip: instead of placing it on the floor or on the bed, place it in a body form so that it will be easier to pan around it.


  1. The wedding rings-don’t be afraid to play with it. Dropping it on the ground while in slow-mo, rolling it off the table dropping it on water, up close shots with a fog machine in the background are some creative hacks to show off the beauty and sturdiness of the ring. Just bring it back in one piece.


  1. The bride, groom and the whole entourage being made and dressed up- capture the transformation unfold, how the bride’s hair was done, the groom putting on his suit, the look on mom’s face as she saw her daughter fully dressed, or how dad was helping the groom with his tie, these moments are priceless and is a guaranteed to send down tears in everyone’s eyes


During The Ceremony

  1. The bride walking down the aisle- this is a shot that should never be missed its crucial, it’s the first time that the guests will see her in dress and it must be perfect. The way the veil blows into her face. The reactions of the crowd, a shot of them pensive, crying or laughing. Capture the groom’s face as the bride walks towards him, the awe, the tears and the smile.


  1. The vows- this is a scene that is guaranteed to be repeated over and over again, be it for romantic and hope we dare not argumentative reasons. This is the highlight of the ceremony and the proof of the promises made between husband and wife.


  1. The kiss- need we say why this is of extreme importance? Isn’t this self-explanatory?



The Reception

  1. The first dance- this marks the start of the journey of the bride and groom as a couple with the guest as witness. Make sure to capture everything, the laughter, the sparkle in their eyes, a hint of nervousness, a few quirks and missteps here and there.


  1. The couple cutting and eating the cake together- one of the romantic scenes of the night, make sure to capture every detail of the cake, the toppers, the flowers, and a close up shot of the couple feeding each other cake.


  1. The bouquet toss- guaranteed to make anyone to snort in laughter, capturing this moment of guests completely crazy over a bunch of flowers is too hard to pass.

Social Media Planning

Remember those days when socializing used to be done face-to-face and eye-to-eye, when coffee shops were perfect venues used for meeting people, and when weekends were set aside to meet friends and families. Well, they are now done Internet-to-Internet.

Social media planning is the strategy a company adopts to market their products by leveraging technology, the Internet and social networks. Arguably, the function of social media planning is now a subset of the traditional marketing department and has branched out as a whole new function of the company. The reason we see a shift in the way companies market their products is because of the proliferation of social networks and increased usage of them by the public at large. More and more people are hooked on to smartphones, laptops, and other devices to make them feel connected. So, would advertising a company’s banner on various websites online do the trick? Absolutely not. The success of social media planning would largely depend on the right combination of platforms to choose from. So, is traditional marketing dead? Again, the answer is absolutely not. Traditional marketing gurus passionately advocated the importance of knowing your customers first. This time-tested expert advice still holds true while doing social media planning for your companies. That is why you need expert advice.

A social media expert would give you the optimal combination of online platforms and social media networks to use that can reach your target audience in the quickest possible way in a cost-effective manner. In order to enhance the efficiency of social media planning, it is imperative to do in-depth research on the target market’s usage of social media such as

  • The social media networks and platforms mostly used
  • The frequency of usage and when
  • The size of the market using each platform or network
  • Cost of social media advertising
  • Reach of target audience
  • The ability to interact with the customers in real-time
  • The receptiveness and engagement of customers
  • Conversion rate

It goes without saying that social media planning is only effective if it is adapted, tweaked and revised according to its effectiveness on a continuous basis.  It takes time and effort to bear fruit. However, consistency is paramount. Time and again, research has shown that it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Well, one sure way of retaining existing customers is to keep them engaged in the brand in a meaningful manner. That is why some companies agree to match the rates of their competitors so that they do not lose their customers to the competition.

Social media planning uses an integrated marketing approach and takes into account the overall corporate goals of the company. Each activity should be quantified by tying it to a measurable objective. An optimal social media planning can go a long way in ensuring that you obtain good value for the money spent on advertising and promotions. The strategy adopted to build your presence online brings exponential results in terms of sales leads and business revenue.

Buying Neopoints: A Happier, Healthier Virtual Pet

There are certain types of people who can spend all day playing games to amass thousands upon thousands of virtual currency. Everyone knows the type: born into wealth, parents give them everything they want, never had to work a day in their lives. For them, collecting points and online money is easy; they have all the time in the world. However, what about the other person? People like you, who work in the real world all day. You don’t want to be a hardcore gamer; you want to game casually to take up some time to relax. So what do you do? When you just don’t have the time to grind all day to earn Neopoints, it’s time to make the decision to buy Neopoints.


Neopets is a website where you can have virtual pets. Gamers can get a new pet, feed it, play with it, and watch it grow. The amazing thing about Neopets is that there’s no “win” or “lose” – so it’s a perfect casual game for the young and old alike. You don’t just want to keep your virtual pet alive though you want to make sure he or she is happy too!


When you buy Neopoints (the virtual currency in the online game Neopets), you’re also buying the ability to make your pet happy with ease. You can buy toys, books, even different articles of clothing. All of these things ensure that your online pets are as happy-go-lucky as they should be.


Neopets has one of the largest online communities for children. They often spend their after school time endlessly feeding and playing with their online pet. Maybe they can’t have a pet in real life due to allergies, or adults simply don’t have enough time or money to keep a real pet in the house. According to, you can buy Neopoints for as little as $3.25. That means that you can keep your child (and by proxy, your child’s pet) happy for merely $3.25. Can you imagine spending that little amount on any other item your child plays with?


When buying online currency such as this, it’s always best to do it in small doses. For example, when one father decided to buy some points as a birthday gift for his young son, he bought all of them at once. He thought he was smart and got a good deal. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that purchasing virtual currency is somewhat frowned upon in the gaming world. It’s unclear what the result was, but it would have been smarter for him to buy Neopoints in a bunch of small payments, rather than one big payment. It’s a bit of a hassle, but, in the long run, it’s much more worth it.


It’s just an amazing way to advance in this online game without wasting hours upon hours simply earning the money. When you buy Neopoints, you’re making an investment. Yours or your child’s online pet will be happy, and thus your game will be complete.

How to Choose Among All the Towed Vehicle Brake Systems

Choosing to buy the right product is very important and there are many reasons for this. First of all, whenever you are spending your money on a product, you wish that there will be no regret afterwards in order to make sure that you have spent the money in the best possible way, receiving what you desired in the first place. Second of all, the choice you make about that product will determine many other choices in the future if it is of great usage and importance. For example, if you are about to choose among all the towed vehicle brake systems for your vehicle then this is a very important choice to make because if you do not choose right there will be many other things you have to consider and buy afterwards. Many people find themselves in the unpleasant situations of not receiving the quality they expected from the product or service they purchased. When it comes to something as important as the towed vehicle brake systems you have to be very careful and consider each option in order to make sure that you have spent your money wisely and your safety is assured.

Each state requires that people with towed vehicles have a supplemental braking system in order to apply the towed vehicle brakes. Most people decide to do that even when there is no law making it a requirement. Making sure that you have as many safety measures as possible is highly recommended and you will certainly not regret your choice in future as you see all the benefits of getting towed vehicle brake systems.

Anytime you use your vehicle and tow something, the breaking distance of the vehicle is being extended and because of this there is additional pressure on braking system of the motor-home. This makes it more difficult to perform the normal tasks and keep it safe. Therefore, each time you use the towed vehicle there is some damage caused to the braking system and if there is no supplemental towed vehicle brake systems you may find yourself at t a very bad situation after some time of usage of your towed vehicle.

Choosing the right towed vehicle braking systems for your vehicle is a difficult choice and requires some knowledge, as well as experience of a professional who is aware of all of the things that need to be considered. If you are knowledgeable and skilled enough in the field, then there will be no problem to choose the right braking systems. However, if you are new to the field and you have no experience in choosing such a product previously, then you are recommended to use the advice of a friend who is knowledgeable, as well as of people who share their opinion and experience on some of the various information sharing websites on the Internet. There are also many products suggested for their quality, price, durability and safety. You can easily consider buying some of the many suggested towed vehicle brake systems.

Getting Divorced With the Best Possible Divorce Lawyer Services

People get married all around the world and sometimes the marriage ends with a divorce. The reasons for this outcome are many and are often the same with couples all around the world. Many people fall in love and get married quickly afterwards without actually knowing each other and if their characters fit in order to create a stable family together. They get together, they get married, live together and have children together. In the beginning they put up with each other because their love is still strong but when there is no match with their characters and they live together with difficulty, as years pass and love can no longer keep them not fighting, the fights start and the marriage ends with a divorce. Another common reason for getting divorced for people all around the world is cheating. Some of the reasons for cheating are the same as the explained reason above, whereas other people cheat because they simply have it in their character and so on. It is a complex mixture of feelings, understandings and mindsets that are difficult to explain by people and this is why it is important to learn how to manage each situation that comes to your way because life is unpredictable and you have to be ready for everything.

Having the best divorce lawyer Fort Walton Beach, Florida is highly recommended in order to be able to finish the process of divorcing without any problems and too much fighting. If you are lucky then you will still be in good communication with your husband or wife and there will be no need of a very good divorce lawyer because you two can get easily to an agreement and end the marriage easily and with dignity. It is a completely different matter if there are a lot of possessions and properties that need to be split. People cannot easily give property away and getting the best divorce lawyer Fort Walton Beach, Florida is highly recommended in order to keep as much of the possessions as possible. This is also very important in order to win a fight over the children if there are any. For example, if you are the father of the children but you really much want to be the person who looks after them and not leave them to their mother, then you will need a very good divorce lawyer Fort Walton Beach, Florida because most of the times the judge gives the children to the mother.

There are many examples of situations where having the best possible divorce lawyer Fort Walton Beach, Florida can come in handy and will save you a lot of troubles in the future. Many people recommend that you do not get a marriage with anyone in your life in order to not have to experience such situations in the future. There is no problem in living together under one roof without having a marriage with each other.

drug treatment Ventura County

The Ventura Recovery Center had a system that provides treatment for people that are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction and wish to receive help overcoming them. The process of battling an addiction is a very tough one especially when you feel as though you are alone in your struggle and cannot see a way out. This is where the Ventura Recovery Center comes into action because they understand where you are, know the possibilities that are capable of their program, and can help you stay on the right track.

Knowledge of where you currently are

The staff at Ventura Recovery Center can help the addiction challenged because they have been there before. The staff of the center knows what the addict is going through because they have been in driver’s seat of the same path. They can help the addict by:

  • Getting them to admit that they have a problem with a particular substance
  • Offering them the chance to overcome the addiction
  • Helping them stay on the right path through different steps

Knowing you capabilities

The people at Ventura Recovery know the things that you are capable of and use the things that they learn about you to find out what triggers you to turn to the given addiction. So not only is the staff investing physical therapy time with you they are also investing emotional time getting to know you. They also do these things so that you feel comfortable and to assure you that your addictions do not define you as an individual. The staff is in a position where they now exactly where to push you so that you can excel to the highest level of recovery, which is to notice the signs and know what you can do to prevent you from feeling that specific way.

Staying on the right track

Once you have completed each step, you will have a consultation with your enthusiast to see what the next step involves and the best way to approach the step without a cause for relapse. After you have completed all of the steps, the facility keeps in contact with you to ensure that everything that you have learned is still in place.

So the next time that you are feeling down about yourself or thinking that there are no options out there that can help you then remember that there is a place called Ventura Recovery Center that is waiting for you to make an appointment and see what you can do to increase your life value. There are a few things that are necessary for you to have:

  • Admit that you have a problem with the substance
  • Be willing to accept help whether it comes with advice or activities
  • Stop allowing others to enable you or placing the blame on others

Once you are willing to accept those terms, you can reach heights that you never dreamed were possible. The most important things that should be taken from coming to Ventura Recovery Center are that you are not by yourself in your addiction and that as long as you are willing to become addiction free there is a way that you can be helped.