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Basic Ways to Preserve your Food for Future Consumption

Many people prefer newly cooked or freshly baked food because the taste and the vitamins and minerals are still intact in the food they eat. However, there are times that we have to preserve them for future consumption or for instance if you are going that sometimes we look for arcon congelador barato to ensure the food’s safety. Improper food preservation often results to food poisoning that is why if you are in the food industry, you have to be knowledgeable in preserving the food. And for you to be able to know how to preserve food efficiently, you must understand first the basic of food preservation, which are;

  • Canning – this is a process of preserving the food by heating the jar, which is tightly sealed. This is done to make sure that there will be no microorganisms inside that will cause food spoilage. The heating method is done in a specific period of time which is enough to totally kill the microorganisms. In the canning process, the air inside the jar is driven out and a space is formed as the sealed jar cools. The canning method that is usually used today is the water-bath canning and the pressure canning.

o   Water bath canning: this method uses a large kettle that is used in boiling water. The sealed jars are plunged in the water and are being heated with a temperature of 212 degrees celsius for a period of time. Foods that use this method are tomatoes. Pickles, fruits and other acidic foods.

o   Pressure canning: this also uses a large kettle that can produce steam in a compartment that is locked. The jars that are submerged in the water will reach an internal temperature of 240 degrees based on specific pressure which is measured by a weighted gauge. This process is used on low acid food including meat, fish, and poultry.

  • Freezing – this is the art of preparing, packaging and preserving the food at its peak of freshness. Fresh vegetables and fruits, meats and fishes, as well as breads and cakes, are some of the foods that undergo freezing the techniques. But to make this possible, the foods that will undergo the freezing process should be fresh and is properly packaged to prevent quality deterioration. If the food comes in contact with dry air, the food will be damage immediately where the tastes become awful. To avoid damaging the frozen food, it is best to reduce its exposure to dry air, avoid overfilling the freezer and avoid temperature fluctuation.
  • Drying – among the many methods of food preservation, drying is considered to be the oldest. The process of drying food to preserve it involves exposing the food to a higher temperature to remove moisture. However, the temperature is low enough on the temperature use when you cook food. In ancient times, when people want to dry their food, they put it in a slab of stone until the moisture is removed and good air circulation evenly dried the food. Today, people can now use electric dehydrators where you can control the thermostat and regulate the temperature in drying the food.


3 Awesome Gift Ideas To Give To Your Lumbersexual Bae

Lumbersexual is the new metrosexual. It is only five years ago that we ogle and swoon over dapper metrosexual men, who in there oxfords, loafers and awesome bow ties have us sending in uncontrollable stream of blush. Fast forward to 2015 and the tides of time have decided to switch the complete opposite. Presenting the lumbersexual, with its roots combining the roughness and carefree aura of a lumberjack and the urban sophistication of a city slicker, blame the rise of the hipsters who worship anything anti mainstream, consider this the unpolished twin. Though when we say unpolished we don’t mean like a complete hobo. They prefer survival adrenaline of the great outdoors while living within concrete confines. Easily spotted with their beards, flannel jackets and the taste for organic cuisine this mastered air or organized chaos make the millennial girl swoon with delight. If you have a lumbersexual bae or eyeing someone lumbersexual, consider giving them these gifts to win his heart.

Beard Grooming Set

                Yes, the ultimate vanity, pride and source of joy they’re beards set them apart from the otherwise too clean-cut crowd. Put said source of pride and upgrade it with a manbun and the said man is just irresistible; case in point Jared Leto. Give him a box containing the essentials like beard oil, peine para barba and face moisturizer to make sure his grooming game is always on pont. Bu we caution though, other girls maybe eyeing to steal your beautiful man anytime.

Wool Beanie

                Make sure your bae doesn’t catch a cold or acquire virus from all the stares he’s receiving with a lush and comfy beanie. Perfect when he wants to lay his hair down, wool beanies just give that air of the great outdoors and look perfect with his Doc Marten boots. Best to get it in hues of the forest or in neutrals of grey and navy blue, or the lumbersexual staple gingham red and watch him thank you a million times for being so thoughtful. You’re welcome, so go buy one now.

Stainless Steel Flask

                Don’t expect this dude to be just chilling in normal clubs and downing shots. This type of gentleman only drinks hard liquor. So give him a stainless steel flask to make sure his bourbon/whiskey/rum is within reach. Take the idea to the next level be etching a pine tree or a reindeer or an axe to really bring in the forest vibe wherever he goes. He’ll also make his other lumbersexual friends brimming with envy when he shows this and proudly say he got it from you. Ain’t that sweet?

Woodcut Coffee Table

                If you have money to burn rev up the full mile and give him a wooden coffee table! The more rough and undone looking the better. This will surely make a great accent piece at his apartment and might be stocking it with his other quirky knick-knacks. Just don’t cry when he runs out of firewood and burns this up. Sorry.

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Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses Under the Sun

As it adds confidence sunglasses are created to give us eye protection and to prevent us from damaging our eye in the frequent exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. As it provides certain points when it comes to fashion and accessorizing, to a health standpoint it provides better protection to our eye health. As everyone knows that eyes are very sensitive and important to our life, protecting it from the ultraviolet light that are coming from the sun, sunglasses give its protection to the lids and surrounding skin of the eye. Gafas de sol cristales de colores may be fashionable, but it is also great in shielding your eyes and deflecting any harmful light that may irritate your eyes. Other reasons as to why people use sunglasses are as follows;

  • Prevent UV rays – wherever you are the sun’s UV rays can reach you, as it radiation can cause cataracts, benign growths at eh surface of your eyes and snow blindness also called as photokeratitis. It is temporary yet painful sunburn at the surface of your eyes. Although, 50% of the sun’s UV radiation can be blocked by a wide-brimmed hat and caps, optometrist says that all effort on wearing these hats is not enough to protect the eye from radiation. Thankfully, sunglasses are made to add protection of the eye.
  • Protection against blue light – macular degeneration is the slow loss of eyesight or the sources of low vision which can happen due to the long period of exposure to the blue and violet portion and the solar spectrum.
  • It gives a comfortable vision – as the glare of the sun can interfere to the vision and the ability of the eyes to see clearly are causing the people to squint and make their eyes water. It can also be the cause of fast aging as squinting creates wrinkles around the eyes d forehead.
  • The ability to adapt at the dark – our eyes has the ability to adapt to nighttime and indoor lights; spending hours in the sunlight can hamper that ability and can be hazardous especially when you are driving.
  • Prevents skin cancer – there is cancer that can form at the lids of your eyes and the skin around it which is common. Wearing eyeglasses outdoors is imperative especially if they are working, taking a walk, driving or participating in a sport and basically doing everything under the sun.

                Remember that the eye is the window of our soul and losing our ability to see is like taking out half your life away. Although, people who still manage to have a normal life after losing their eyesight is great and deserves our respect, the hardship they might have endured throughout its adjusting time is only unexplainable. Caring for your body is important as every bit and part of it is needed and has special function, some may be dispensable but there are rather really important parts that losing it can cause hardship and obstacle in life. Seeing the beauty of life is much better than having a feel of it.

The Benefits of Painting to Our Health

Painting is great to release tension and stress, it is fun to hold that brush and let your thought flow in your arms to create an amazing piece of art that can be hung on your wall. Seeing the result of your effort will not only help you relax but will also give you something to be proud of. For children’s that shows their creativity from their early age is great to be taught how to draw better and improve their talent. There are children that are great even to their young age and have adapted it through their environment aside from the genes that they have received from their parent. Aside from it being a favorite pastime by many, here are some of the health benefits of painting;

  • It improves creativity – drawing or painting is not all about copying the scene or images in front of the artist, it requires vivid imagination for them to create a painting that shows the perfect image of the subject they use. In creating an cuadros pintados al oleo de paisajes, it requires a person to have a vivid image of the location and if it is not applicable for the painter to be physically in the location then, his imagination is the only choice for him to be able to produce an art that is worth to look at and let people be amazed at the finished product.
  • It improves the memory – people that suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia are proven to enjoy painting and drawing as it stimulates the brain and sharpens theirs by thinking and imagining things to be drawn.
  • Increases communication skill – as art is used by many in expressing their thoughts and feelings, by looking to the artwork of a kid will show you what he really feels or by the paintings of the artist. Art is their way to break free from their personal limitation and to surpass their weaknesses. As the artist improves in expressing his feeling thru art and is able to release his thoughts flawlessly in his every painting, he will be able to create artworks that many will soon realize the worth of their money.
  • Relieves from stress – painting are also used for relaxation, it releases the tension and the stress a person is feeling by letting it flow in the canvass. Forms and colors help in giving the person a feel of temporary excitement and fun.
  • Helps to release any hidden emotions – as a person concentrates to his painting, he slowly releases all the feelings and emotions that he has been hidden and finally be able to release everything. As it is used for its therapeutic effect it gives the person a feeling of forgiveness or having the weight in his shoulder being lifted and being able to breathe easily.

This benefits proves to be felt by a person that uses as his relaxation method, it helps him to make an important decision in his life and provides a better living with calmness that are rare in today’s time.

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Top Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Ceremony Dress for your Little One

As much as adults have specifications and preferences in selecting their clothing for every occasion, kids have their own set of considerations as well. Although not all children are aware of the important things to consider, parents act and do the search for them. Typical clothing used at home may not need to be super fancy but for special occasions like wedding, communion and other events that require formality may need an appropriate dress to wear. As parents, we can’t let them do the decision alone. Sometimes, parents choose the wrong type of dress for their child in such occasion that results to a humiliation on the side of the child. If you are someone who have been searching through the net and is still undecided, here are some tips that will help you come up with a decision.

Right Size

Before you even look at the abundant designs, be sure about the size of the dress you would pick for your child. It is easy if you are on the shopping place with your kid around to fit it but if are shopping online, you can’t definitely figure out if it really suits for your child. Identifying their age and size at present is one way to know which size perfectly fits for your little one. Dresses for communions need to take consideration of waist measurement, length measurement, and bust measurement. When you are still in doubt, choose a size a bit bigger. You will need to hem the dress or pants to get the right fit.

Comfort for your Child

Parents often neglect this one big factor because they usually prioritize the style over the comfortability it can bring to their little one. During weddings, if a child feels at ease with what he/she is wearing, you would see them enjoying the event. On the other hand, if they are finding a hard time with wearing the clothing, there must be something wrong with the fabric. Avoiding trim and itchy fabrics can prevent your child from being uncomfortable during the event.

Quality of the Clothing

As we don’t expect our child to behave and permanently be on just a chair during a ceremony, we must be careful on choosing the dress they will be wearing. A low-quality clothing that can easily create wrinkles will be unlikely to be worn by your child the entire day. Stay close with a fabric that maintain its neatness even though your child seems to be playful and will not likely to stay in one corner.

Determine the Style

                Kid’s ceremony clothing is varied by style. Each manufacturer offers many designs that differ in color, length, and fabric. This can be a tough one to decide on because naturally your child’s opinion would be quite different from yours. They decide on it based on the look, but you as a parent thinks out of just the physical looks. But children often change their minds so keep on telling them that a dress is better because of certain factors. You can favor one factor like the color of the dress for them to give them the privilege of getting what they would surely love.

Online shopping at amaya ropa infantil is much easier because you would see all of the designs instantly without exerting much effort. Hassle free way that you and your child can benefit from.