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Eight Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas for a Dorm Room

The thought of going to college offers a whole bunch of feelings and emotions. You might feel scared, excited, and more. If this is your first time to move away from your parents and family, you have to learn how to live on your own. Of course, it will start with living in a dorm room and similar housing facility. You might feel overwhelmed upon seeing a small and empty space. That’s totally fine because you can do some things to spice up and decorate the space. What’s even better is that you can do it without spending too much. If you don’t know where to start, here are the eight quick and easy decorating ideas for your dorm room.

  • Usually, your room has a limited size just enough to hold your bed and other important furniture. You don’t have to worry about its size because you can still make it look good. Instead of filling your room with unnecessary stuff, use the wall to hold pictures, arts, and the likes.
  • Comprar muebles baratos online for additional décor. Having sturdy and reliable furniture is a must for every dorm room.
  • Avoid and remove any clutter. To tell you frankly, the best way to have a comfortable and good- looking dorm room is to prevent or avoid the presence of clutter. Keep your things in place and make organization a habit. It helps to avoid making your dorm room look like a big space of mess.
  • Use a shower caddy to organize school supplies such as books and pens. It also helps to save in a limited desk space. In addition, you can cover the entire study table using some washi tape or contact paper. These items can be purchased in a craft store and book store.
  • Make your own rug using old t-shirts and scrap fabrics. So, instead of purchasing a new rug to replace the old ones, make your own by collecting old shirts and cutting it into long strips. Braid the strips and stitch everything until it makes a rug depending on the size that you prefer.
  • Customize card boxes and use it as storage for your books. Card boxes are reliable for storing your stuff. You can place it below your bed or stack them in the corner of your room. To customize the card boxes, you can use scrap fabrics, pages from old magazines, spray paints, or washi tapes. You can also add some decorative stones and pieces like buttons and sequence.
  • Most of the dorm rooms are limited in floor space. So, to make your room look more spacious, use horizontal lines to make an illusion of a wider room. You can use items printed with horizontal lines or paint the entire wall.
  • Add mirrors in strategic areas. Just like the horizontal lines, mirrors offer an illusion of having a bigger and spacious dorm space. Use large mirrors in the walls to achieve a spacious- looking dorm room.