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Anyone who’s lucky enough to live in a warm environment throughout the year normally wears socks, part of the time. They are used to keep feet warm and dry to avoid chafing. Most men keep a drawer full of assorted socks to pick out every morning and the story of where socks had originated is very interesting. It is assumed that during the Stone Age, our cave-dwelling ancestors had worn animal skins around their ankles to save as a covering and as footwear.

The Greeks wear socks made of matted animal hair called piloi by the 8th century BC while the Romans wrapped their feet with strips of leather or woven fabric. By the 2nd century AD, they started wearing udones, which are foot coverings that were sewn from woven fabric. The Egyptians had worn the earliest known knit socks around the 3rd-6th centuries AD and by 1000AD had become a status symbol for the nobility around Europe. There are known as leggings before feet were added to them in the 12th century.

When the knitting machine was invented in the 16th century, the tighter woven hose had been more accessible where socks made of wool are for the common people and silk are for the noble classes. Knee-length stockings were used that gave way to a one-piece style extending to the crotch since men’s tunics and breeches had been shortened. These stockings were only worn by men and were popularized by Queen Elizabeth for women in 1560.

Socks had kept changing in lengths as fashion dictated all over the next couple of centuries, whether from mid-calf to knee to mid-thigh. Different colors, decorations, or stripes had been employed making the Germans and Swiss gentlemen to wear garments with slashes to show off their brightly colored hose and wealthy Spanish gentlemen wore knitted silk stockings with embroidered emblems. Cotton become the popular choice for socks during the 17th century and still known stockings and when the pants lengths had grown longer, the hose grows shorter and was then called socks.

When nylon was invented in 1938, this became the big sock innovation, since its strength and elasticity had translated well in socks. The Argyle pattern that became popular in the 1920s had given way to more basic colored socks and socks are now made of nylon, cotton, polyester, wool, spandex, polypropylene and more. Brighter colors and bolder patterns had emerged, along with statement socks showing artful and amusing designs. There are even socks that are made up of filaments that light up.

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