Simple Yet Effective Ways to Unclog a Drain

A blocked drain is one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners encounter. It may be a petty issue for some, but it has an enormous impact if this will be neglected. Sometimes, the flooding is caused by blocked drains that were ignored which could affect the health of the people if this problem has contaminated the water system. In order to prevent this, regular inspection should be made especially on blocked drains Geelong residents often complains. Geelong in Australia has a history of frequent flooding, which is why if there are problems like blockage on the drains and sewer this should be given immediate attention.

But for simple blocked drains, there are ways to remove blockage the easiest way.

First Step: Put a wet cloth on the overflowing basin or tub. Though most kitchen sinks do not have overflow vent, some with side by side vents can be covered up with a wet cloth. For homes with two bathrooms that are back to back, it is best to block drains and overflow vent of the other basin. In this way, it would be easier for the plunger to work properly because there is less overflowing, thanks to the wet cloth.

Second Step: in using the plunger, fill the clogged basin with water enough to cover the head of the plunger. To create a better seal, coat the lip of the plunger with petroleum jelly then slide the plunger’s cup onto the drain opening and rapidly pump the plunger up and down. As you pump the drain opening, you will feel that the water moves in and out of the drain. The pressure building up from pumping will be the force that will dislodge the blockage in the drain. And after a dozen strikes, quickly jerk up the plunger and the water will rush out. In case there’s a little movement in the water, repeat the same procedure until the water rush out the drain.

Third Step: in case that the plunger did not work out, you can use chemical drain opener, but this should not be used on the drains that are completely blocked because it composed of caustic agents that could destroy the fixtures. In this situation, it is best to use the drain-and-trap auger. This auger can be used by removing the popup stopper from the clogged drain then insert an auger wire into the opening. And as the wire advances the thumbscrew is loosened and tightened. And if by any chance the wire have encountered something inside, what you’ll need to do is to move in back and forth as you turn the auger handle. And once you have successfully removed the blockage, continue turning the handle as you slowly withdraw the auger.

Fourth Step: if the auger did not manage to remove the blockage in the drain, remove the clean-out plug under the sink and catch the trapped water with a bucket. Use a hook and reach the clog. But if this method fail, use a wire and insert it in the drain-and-trap auger to clean out the drain. Advance the wire toward the basin and the drainpipe in order to remove the blockage.


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