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Easy Grooming Tips to a Perfect Beard

Most women find a man with the perfect beard manly and attractive. It boosts a man’s confidence and thus they feel more masculine when the girls pass by. But when a guy doesn’t have proper hygiene when it comes to making their beard clean, it’s a major downfall and it won’t further look appealing to women. Growing a beard takes a lot of maintenance because it should be on a regular basis. To be able to get the proper look and length of your beard, here are some tips you can incorporate on your everyday grooming.

Everyday cleaning

Beard is a form of hair on our body. The hair on our heads get proper cleaning with shampoos, but you can also use this on your beard. Pairing it with a conditioner would be the perfect match to get the best cleaning. Don’t ever use bar soaps because it would definitely make your beard and the underneath skin dry. Rinse it well after. Failing to do so may lead to flaking.

Use Beard Oil

Other products do also help in making the beard smoother like aceiti para barba. The oil moisturizes the facial hair and the skin beneath it as well. You can apply the oil right after washing your face in the morning because it is when your hair follicles and pores are open and thus absorb it greatly. This oil is made from natural ingredients so it won’t harm your skin plus it has a variety in its scents that you can choose from. If you have yours just right now, to start using it simply pour a small amount on your palm then spread it with both hands. Apply the oil to the skin under your beard and to the rest of your beard. Using of comb to your beard could give a smoother flow of the hair. Using the oil would depend on the climate and would range from almost every day or for every 3 days.


The desired length of your beard and style definitely varies and can be related to trimming. Some guys opt for a shorter beard which can be trimmed just every two weeks or so. But if you want it longer, every two months should be enough. A beard trimmer should always be handy whenever you need to adjust the beard right on the edge of your face. In parts that trimmers are likely to cut too much, the use of scissors and comb is a good remedy. This minimizes the chance of under trimming or over trimming. You can also get the chance to check for split ends, (if ever there was) on your beard while trimming.

In order to achieve the full potential of your beard, maintaining it to be healthy will not be all about grooming. What you eat does not generally add up to longer beard lengths. But a balanced diet is good for our hair and skin. Enough sleep should also be monitored because it can result to slow growth in your beard. So, if you want to have that perfect shape and style of your beard, start learning and applying this grooming tips.