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Basic Ways to Preserve your Food for Future Consumption

Many people prefer newly cooked or freshly baked food because the taste and the vitamins and minerals are still intact in the food they eat. However, there are times that we have to preserve them for future consumption or for instance if you are going that sometimes we look for arcon congelador barato to ensure the food’s safety. Improper food preservation often results to food poisoning that is why if you are in the food industry, you have to be knowledgeable in preserving the food. And for you to be able to know how to preserve food efficiently, you must understand first the basic of food preservation, which are;

  • Canning – this is a process of preserving the food by heating the jar, which is tightly sealed. This is done to make sure that there will be no microorganisms inside that will cause food spoilage. The heating method is done in a specific period of time which is enough to totally kill the microorganisms. In the canning process, the air inside the jar is driven out and a space is formed as the sealed jar cools. The canning method that is usually used today is the water-bath canning and the pressure canning.

o   Water bath canning: this method uses a large kettle that is used in boiling water. The sealed jars are plunged in the water and are being heated with a temperature of 212 degrees celsius for a period of time. Foods that use this method are tomatoes. Pickles, fruits and other acidic foods.

o   Pressure canning: this also uses a large kettle that can produce steam in a compartment that is locked. The jars that are submerged in the water will reach an internal temperature of 240 degrees based on specific pressure which is measured by a weighted gauge. This process is used on low acid food including meat, fish, and poultry.

  • Freezing – this is the art of preparing, packaging and preserving the food at its peak of freshness. Fresh vegetables and fruits, meats and fishes, as well as breads and cakes, are some of the foods that undergo freezing the techniques. But to make this possible, the foods that will undergo the freezing process should be fresh and is properly packaged to prevent quality deterioration. If the food comes in contact with dry air, the food will be damage immediately where the tastes become awful. To avoid damaging the frozen food, it is best to reduce its exposure to dry air, avoid overfilling the freezer and avoid temperature fluctuation.
  • Drying – among the many methods of food preservation, drying is considered to be the oldest. The process of drying food to preserve it involves exposing the food to a higher temperature to remove moisture. However, the temperature is low enough on the temperature use when you cook food. In ancient times, when people want to dry their food, they put it in a slab of stone until the moisture is removed and good air circulation evenly dried the food. Today, people can now use electric dehydrators where you can control the thermostat and regulate the temperature in drying the food.