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best wedding videographer in Toronto

9 Details Your Wedding Videographer Should Be Focusing On

Wedding videos are the audiovisual synthesis of your wedding day. A collective symphony of emotions all interweaved under the baton of love. And with that heavy introduction right there it should be as multisensory as possible. It should remind us of all the cocktail of emotions we experience on that special day, it should be a mix of lightness, laughter, disbelief, giddiness and shots of everyone crying as you say your I do’s. With these tricks coupled by a powerful background music that can send even the coldest of hearts begging for a tissue, besides the best wedding videographer in Toronto has been doing this for years so you’re in capable hands.

Behind The Scenes

  1. The wedding gown- macro shots showing how detailed the gown is, the beading, embroidery the lace work etc. Insider Tip: instead of placing it on the floor or on the bed, place it in a body form so that it will be easier to pan around it.


  1. The wedding rings-don’t be afraid to play with it. Dropping it on the ground while in slow-mo, rolling it off the table dropping it on water, up close shots with a fog machine in the background are some creative hacks to show off the beauty and sturdiness of the ring. Just bring it back in one piece.


  1. The bride, groom and the whole entourage being made and dressed up- capture the transformation unfold, how the bride’s hair was done, the groom putting on his suit, the look on mom’s face as she saw her daughter fully dressed, or how dad was helping the groom with his tie, these moments are priceless and is a guaranteed to send down tears in everyone’s eyes


During The Ceremony

  1. The bride walking down the aisle- this is a shot that should never be missed its crucial, it’s the first time that the guests will see her in dress and it must be perfect. The way the veil blows into her face. The reactions of the crowd, a shot of them pensive, crying or laughing. Capture the groom’s face as the bride walks towards him, the awe, the tears and the smile.


  1. The vows- this is a scene that is guaranteed to be repeated over and over again, be it for romantic and hope we dare not argumentative reasons. This is the highlight of the ceremony and the proof of the promises made between husband and wife.


  1. The kiss- need we say why this is of extreme importance? Isn’t this self-explanatory?



The Reception

  1. The first dance- this marks the start of the journey of the bride and groom as a couple with the guest as witness. Make sure to capture everything, the laughter, the sparkle in their eyes, a hint of nervousness, a few quirks and missteps here and there.


  1. The couple cutting and eating the cake together- one of the romantic scenes of the night, make sure to capture every detail of the cake, the toppers, the flowers, and a close up shot of the couple feeding each other cake.


  1. The bouquet toss- guaranteed to make anyone to snort in laughter, capturing this moment of guests completely crazy over a bunch of flowers is too hard to pass.