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The Basic Guide in Caring and Maintaining Bicycle’s Good Condition

In the past few years, more and more individuals are turning into a biking enthusiast. Cycling has many benefits. It is the easiest way to exercise that builds strength and muscle tone while building stamina and improving the cardio-vascular fitness. Cycling also burns calories and improves heart health. Plus, one of the major benefits of cycling is that it helps in reducing stress.

Bicycle maintenance is a broad range topic. But it is not as hard as you might think. The basic care and maintenance for your bicycle are important to keep it in good shape and condition. Most often than not, there are three basic aspects that need to be checked when maintaining the appearance and performance of the bicycle- cleaning the bike, lubricating the bike parts, and securing the bike bolts.

  • Cleaning the bicycle

Often times, the bicycle is exposed to debris, grime, and mud. As a result, the bicycle parts begin to deteriorate and get worse. Bicycle cleaning is the most important maintenance that you can do for your buddy. Cleaning your bicycle means more than just hosing it down and letting it dry. As a matter of fact, water from a high-pressure hose can actually damage the parts of the bicycle. Most of the bicycle parts can be cleaned by wiping it directly with a damp rag. On the other hand, some of the bicycle parts might require lubrication, buffing, and brushing.

Your bicycle cleaning schedule depends on the frequency you use the bicycle. So, if you ride your bicycle very so often, you need to clean your bicycle frequently and thoroughly. But, very few cyclists clean their bicycle after every ride. Most cyclists tend to clean their bike once to twice a week or month, depending on the frequency of using it. The basic bicycle cleaning supplies include clean rags, soap, water, brushes and solvents.

  • Lubricating the bicycle parts

To keep the good performance of the bicycle, it’s important to keep its parts properly lubricated. Bicycle lubricants are chemical solutions used to protect the moving parts of the bicycle (chain, brake arms, levers, cables, rear derailleur, a front mech on the pivot joints and limit screws, and jockey wheel). These parts need lubrication in order to be protected against wear and tear caused by friction, keeps rust and corrosion, and keep the parts away from freezing up. Even though lubricating the bicycle parts is essential, it is also important to keep in mind that over lubricating can damage the component that will lead to poor performance. To avoid over lubricating, it is important to wipe the excess lubricants in the bicycle components.

  • Securing the bicycle bolts

Bicycles are made out of multiple nuts, bolts, and screws that bind together all its parts. Thus, maintaining a tight ship is vital because improperly tightened bicycle components can lead to wear and tear of the parts and poor performance. Aside from that, loosening in the screws can also cause hazard not just for the bicycle but also for you.

Before you ride your bicycle, make sure that you will check the bike parts online. Make certain that the parts are attached tightly and every part is secured.

bike parts online

Tips Before you Buy Replacement Parts for your Mountain Bike

Among the types of bikes you could ever have, mountain bikes are quite the most durable one. Even if they are actually meant for battling tough surfaces, its popularity has far reached the taste of many who wants full functionality. Its big wheels, tough frame, chunky tires, and strong suspension have been the outstanding characteristics that make a mountain bike the choice of every biker today. However, there are instances that things go wrong and some parts of the bike may need to be replaced as soon as possible. If it’s this incident is new to you and you are in a search of a helpful guideline in searching for bike parts online, better read the following tips.

Bike suspension

Wherever you are off to the road or up to a downhill biking, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the bike suspension is in good working condition. If the suspension is unable to absorb the shock of going into a rocky surface, then you are risking your safety at hand. So before you ran out to any place you want to go, better decide which type of replacement suspension will you buy. There are three kinds which you can opt in which are as follows.

  • Hardtail – It is a kind of suspension that is mechanically simpler than any other types. This doesn’t have any pivots, rear shock, and other complicated stuff so there’s not too much to worry. It also provides the rider with excellent handling.
  • Softail – Of all the types, it is the lightest. It doesn’t have moving parts on it so there won’t be a chance of malfunction while you are in the road.
  • Full – Comfort at its best. This is the comfiest type of suspension that a biker can have. Unlike other types, full suspension won’t make your body so beat up at the end of a race or a long day of biking because of its rear absorbing hits

Bike frame

Being the largest component of any bike, strong frames should be of durability. If the frame seems to be of poor quality, it can actually have an effect on the performance of a biker as well as on his/her safety. You wouldn’t have to wait until something wrong may happen to you. Take the search for a better frame seriously. But if you aren’t sure which one to choose, here are some brief details of the frames to choose from.

Aluminum – When we hear that a particular item is made from aluminum, it is often distinguished to be of high durability. Moreover, frame made of aluminum is rustproof that makes it a good investment.

Titanium – Although the high cost of this frame is one downfall, it’s rust-resistant and lightweight attribute makes it a choice for those who want to increase the quality of their ride.

Steel – Among the three, steel is quite the most common type of frame being purchased by bikers. But bikers should be reminded that even if they are durable, this type of frame is extremely heavy which may affect their biking capacity.

Bike handlebars

Although the instances of getting an injury due to the handlebars are minimal, it should not still be taken for granted. Don’t wait for the moment that you experience the horror of biking just because you got the wrong handlebars. Look for replacement handlebars that are sturdy and weighty. If you find that perfect one, you will surely be of more peace that you are all safe.