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Ways on Using your Boots Fashionably

Botas tacon mujerWomen of different ages agree on a certain thing and that is fashion. Whatever that is in and trending becomes the immediate concern of each and every lady. They would normally take a keen glance on the hottest and most sought style if ever they had the right amount on their pockets. Make-up, dresses, and bags are just some of what we call “women’s needs” on a daily basis. A day’s outfit cannot be complete without a pair of shoes or heels. As for the demographic location, most women who are permanently in a 4 season climate needs to have a boot as protection. Since they experience longer winter season, women always need to wear boots. As women are known for being critical on what to wear, creativity on making the boot fashionably stunning becomes a problem. Cheer up. Problem solved. Just sit back and relax because we will give you the best way how you can create different styles each day.

Ankle Boots

With this style of boots, pairing it up with denim shorts, mini skirt or full skirts has been easy. Young girls loved to pair it with shorter skirts while if you want to look as classy and elegant with these boots, full skirts offer it perfectly. Long skirts can also be a good combination for ankle boots to convey a down to earth yet sophisticated aura. If you are feeling you need a touch of elegance and a pair of peep toes will make your day, a good match will be a knee length dress.

Slouchy Boots

This could be the turning point wherein a gal could be confused which goes right. Slouchy boots are often seen to be used with skinny jeans and casual dress. Shorter girls can opt for a heeled version of this boots to create a taller image by wearing airy skirts or sweater-like dress. You can go for a taller slouchy boot if you have a formal gathering to attend. Pencil skirts with tights highlight your slim look.

Thin + High Boots

                These boots come in heels and flats. High heels make you more of a woman than a lady. If you are going to work, flats can be easier to wear since you will do a lot of activities then. A layered top with leggings can be also a casual and outgoing look for you.

Riding/Equestrian Boots

Unlike the later, riding boots has more space for you to easily slip in and out. As the sport we know, this type of boots are paired with either leggings or jeans. Other options you can do are by matching this with a mini skirt and a knee length coat over a plain shirt. Some gals prefer do well in pairing it up with a simple dress, but just a few try on having a long sleeve with a knee-length skirt.


While many of us look on our budget first, it’s a woman’s nature to buy something that we would entirely be satisfied with just simply looking at it. It’s just a matter of ways and right combination. Botas tacon mujer create the trend around the globe and more ideas will come up in the next years to come.