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What You Should Know About ERP Implementation Methodology

At this point, hearing the words, ERP implementation methodology can already make people feel like they are staring into a blank space. Each website that you find seems to have their very own definition of ERP, making it more confusing. This is because they have their way implementing ERP and they are explaining it the way they see it. So by gathering all that you have learned about ERP from these websites, you get to learn something in common from them.

Those running a business or two should learn about ERP implementation methodology and should learn from it. ERP is a short term meaning Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software that integrates all the functions in the business into a single system. It will streamline the processes and information throughout the whole organization.

The main feature of the ERP implementation methodology is that it has one shared database wherein it supports multiple functions utilized by various business units. According to practice, it means the employees that come from different divisions can rely on similar information but for their purpose or needs. The software also provides some level of synchronized automation and reporting. Rather than forcing the employees to keep spreadsheets and databases separately and manually merging them to generate reports, there are a couple of ERP solutions that allow the staff to pull out reports from a single system. For example, sales orders get into the financial system without the need for manual re-keying. The department of order management can process the orders quickly and more accurately, while the finance department can close books faster. Other features of ERP include a dashboard or portal that will enable the employees to understand quickly about the performance of the business in key metrics.

How ERP came about

The ERP implementation methodology may sound something recent, like around five or so years ago. However, this was coined by Gartner back in 1990, yet its roots date back in the sixties. Its concept was first applied in the management and control of inventory in the manufacturing department. At that point, the software engineers developed programs that monitor the inventory and at the same time reconcile the balances and make a report on the status. By the 70s, it evolved into MRP or Material Requirements Planning systems used for scheduling the production processes.

Ten years later, MRP evolved by encompassing more of the manufacturing process, thus calling it MRP-II. By the 90s, the ERP systems expanded beyond the inventory management and control onto other operational processes such as the human resources and account. This has become the stage for the development of ERP that everyone knows about today.

Pemeco provided the service of ERP implementation methodology and continued to improve their systems based on client feedback. All ERP systems have expanded and touched the Business Intelligence and at the same time handling the functions at the front office like the SFA or sales force automation, ecommerce and marketing automation.

Why ERP implementation methodology can help you

Do you want to make sure that you have good control over your company and so that you wouldn’t feel left behind because you aren’t up to date with the latest trends of society or with the updates of your employees? Then makes sure that you have eyes and ears around your company and that you are always aware of the actions of your employees and your company because after all you are the boss. As the boss, you have to understand that the ERP implementation methodology can help you and not harm you because it is created to ensure that your management will run smoothly even if you aren’t around to see it.


Don’t be scared or worried to try out the ERP implementation methodology because with it you can move a step forward to success together with your company. You have to understand that today’s’ society is high on technology and all important data will be saved in software in your computer. With the help its help, you wouldn’t have to worry about that because it an even help you in regards to computer things, and also it can also help you organize important data on your computer so that you wouldn’t have to have a hard time looking at some documents in your computer when the time needs it. Your business will be running smoothly because of this, and you will always be aware of the latest happening both inside and out of your company since you have something to help you.


Don’t let your plans be just plans because with the help of the ERP implementation methodology you can bet that whatever you are thinking, plans that can help move your business in a brighter and better future, then you should know that this can help you achieve such a goal. The result that you are seeking will be something that you will like because it has the experience and has helped other companies reach its full potential. If there are problems in your company that you have a hard time dealing, then don’t worry because now you have it to help you solve the problem. Also with it you can be sure that it can help you with negotiations and build up connections that can be beneficial to you and your business for the long term and the future.


So don’t worry about anything and be the reason why your company is moving towards the right, and bright direction and the reason for that is because you have the ERP implementation methodology that can help you achieve favorable results for your business. Don’t be scared and use it to your heart’s content because it is made to ensure that you are being helped by your business. Don’t think that business is a walk in a park because everything falls all in you and if you cannot handle the business, then you are in trouble but don’t worry because now you have it to help you manage your business.