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Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses Under the Sun

As it adds confidence sunglasses are created to give us eye protection and to prevent us from damaging our eye in the frequent exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. As it provides certain points when it comes to fashion and accessorizing, to a health standpoint it provides better protection to our eye health. As everyone knows that eyes are very sensitive and important to our life, protecting it from the ultraviolet light that are coming from the sun, sunglasses give its protection to the lids and surrounding skin of the eye. Gafas de sol cristales de colores may be fashionable, but it is also great in shielding your eyes and deflecting any harmful light that may irritate your eyes. Other reasons as to why people use sunglasses are as follows;

  • Prevent UV rays – wherever you are the sun’s UV rays can reach you, as it radiation can cause cataracts, benign growths at eh surface of your eyes and snow blindness also called as photokeratitis. It is temporary yet painful sunburn at the surface of your eyes. Although, 50% of the sun’s UV radiation can be blocked by a wide-brimmed hat and caps, optometrist says that all effort on wearing these hats is not enough to protect the eye from radiation. Thankfully, sunglasses are made to add protection of the eye.
  • Protection against blue light – macular degeneration is the slow loss of eyesight or the sources of low vision which can happen due to the long period of exposure to the blue and violet portion and the solar spectrum.
  • It gives a comfortable vision – as the glare of the sun can interfere to the vision and the ability of the eyes to see clearly are causing the people to squint and make their eyes water. It can also be the cause of fast aging as squinting creates wrinkles around the eyes d forehead.
  • The ability to adapt at the dark – our eyes has the ability to adapt to nighttime and indoor lights; spending hours in the sunlight can hamper that ability and can be hazardous especially when you are driving.
  • Prevents skin cancer – there is cancer that can form at the lids of your eyes and the skin around it which is common. Wearing eyeglasses outdoors is imperative especially if they are working, taking a walk, driving or participating in a sport and basically doing everything under the sun.

                Remember that the eye is the window of our soul and losing our ability to see is like taking out half your life away. Although, people who still manage to have a normal life after losing their eyesight is great and deserves our respect, the hardship they might have endured throughout its adjusting time is only unexplainable. Caring for your body is important as every bit and part of it is needed and has special function, some may be dispensable but there are rather really important parts that losing it can cause hardship and obstacle in life. Seeing the beauty of life is much better than having a feel of it.