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How to Choose the Right Hair Tie for Your Hair and Style

Hair ties have been one of the essential hair accessories that every girl should have.  Even though there are days that we can just let our hair flow even how windy it is, we still have those moments wherein we typically would want our hair to be in a fixed position with the help of hair ties.  Gone were the days that we can only get help from ribbons.

Now, there are a lot of varieties we can choose from.  But above the design or ornament and every hair tie you have, you still need to go with whatever makes us comfortable wearing it.  So, before you even buy that hair tie at any local store, be sure to check out first the different types and understood which will give you utmost comfort:

  • Elastic ponytail holder

This is probably the most common and yet most used hair tie by a majority of girls and women.  You will see it in every local store.  This hair tie has the simplest design and it is made of an elastic band which is then covered with strands of fabric.  There are a lot of colors and sizes you can choose from for this type of hair tie.

When it comes to holding power, this hair tie will give a great hold without pulling or pinching of one’s hair. There are also elastic ponytails with a metal clasp.  These ones provide with a stronger ring but be sure to take it off carefully to prevent entangling one’s hair.

  • Scrunchie

If you need something that is actually loose, you’d better go with scrunchies.  These lazos para el pelo are covered with loose and scrunched up fabric.  You do also have different colors and sizes to choose from.  Among all types, scrunchies are tagged to be the most comfortable hair tie for the fact that they do no pull one’s hair.  Interested in buying it?  Just remember to check the current fashion trend to get away with fashion faux pas.

  • Clips

In today’s trend, we wouldn’t see as many girls who are using clips as hair ties.  But that doesn’t mean one may no longer use it.  These clips may either be made from metal or durable plastic and may come in such colors and sizes.  Though there are instances that these may just ruin someone else’s outfit so you must first be sure it will complement with what you are wearing.

  • Decorative

Fancy looking?  You will definitely be hovering at those decorative bands.  These bands are made up of an elastic band that is covered with strand fabrics and decorated with embellishments and flowers.  The designs range from the simplest to the most elaborate ones.  These hair ties are always in fashion so you don’t have to be afraid of putting it on.

Someone’s comfort truly depends on personal preference.  The idea of comfort varies so it is up to the one who will be using any hair tie which will give her the comfort and style at the same time.

10 Simple Hairstyles for Your Everyday Look

Are you tired of looking at the same hairstyle in the mirror every day? Well if you do, you can do a little girl magic in your hair with a little help from hair pins and lazos para el pelo. Be creative and give your hair a new look every time you enter the office or school. Follow these simple ways to style your hair and have fun styling.

  1. Make use of your bobby pins correctly

If you are tired of your plain ponytail that gives your hair waves, wear your hair down and use these little bobby pins. Flip it so that the wavy side would grip well in your hair.

  1. Wear your hair in an easy updo style in less than a minute

You may not need a hair tie here, bobby pins will do. Comb the hair in your crown part then pull a section between the crown and your headline and secure it with a pin. Grab another tiny section from the right side, pull it behind your head and pin it. Repeat the process on the left side and do it in three or four sections alternately by securing it with bobby pins.

  1. Hide your ponytail with your own hair.

How? Pull your hair into a ponytail and grab a tiny section from the ponytail then wrap it around the tie. Use bobby pins to secure it below your hair to hide it.

  1. Has your own homemade salt sprayed for hair?

Use seltzer water and a teaspoon of sea salt then mix it in a spray bottle. Wear you hear down and spray some to give it a new texture as is you just came from the beach.

  1. Have a simple fishtail braid.

If you can’t braid your hair at your back, you can put your ponytail in sideways and secure it with a lazos para el pelo. Stop at the end of your hair to reveal a tight braid. You put a texture in it by making it look fuller if you pull the pieces slightly outward.

  1. Propped up boring ponytail

You got it. Prop up your boring ponytail by adding at least two bobby pins above your ponytail. Fluff and flip your hair to make it look fuller but not sag.

  1. Create a milkmaid braid with texture

If you are done with your milkmaid braid, grab a brush or a spare toothbrush and give your hair a little tease brush. Don’t put too much pressure in it.

  1. Have an Ariana Grande ponytail

This hairstyle is a cool longer version of your ponytail. Divide your hair into two sections. The top ponytail should be bigger than the ponytail in your lower back part to cover it up.

  1. Make a side-swept look

This is simple yet can look glamorous on you. Pull a small section of your hair to the side with a lazos para el pelo then pull your left hair to the side over the ponytail to cover it.

  1. Braid your bangs only

If you prefer to wear your hair down but want a little braid, you could pull your bangs in a braid along your hairline then secure it with a bobby pin. This is not just stylish; it can also help you get rid of your bangs hanging in your forehead while you work.


Why Women LOVE Ribbon Hair Ties

Using hair fasteners may seem like a minor element of your overall beauty routine. But they are actually not. Choosing the right hair fastener is very important in order to keep your hair healthy-looking and free of split ends.

Lazos para el pelo or ribbon hair ties are fun, functional, are ideal for a quick and easy hairstyle makeover. This type of hair fasteners is something that offers comfort and a wide variety of uses compared to more conventional and the typical types of hair fasteners.

Who uses them?

Women who constantly put their hair up into a ponytail will greatly benefit from using ribbon hair ties since these are snag-free and tug-free. They also do not leave a crease in your hair once the ribbon hair ties are taken out. Also, ribbon hair ties do not mangle the hair strands unlike most conventional hair fasteners, such as the scrunchies, elastics, and rubber bands.

Ribbon hair ties are perfect for gym goers who do not want that obvious telltale hair bum after an intense workout. And ribbon hair ties are ideal for putting up hair when cleaning and washing your face at night.

Ribbon hair ties are also way different from the classic elastic hair tie variants in one huge way – a fatal flaw, if you will – Ribbon hair ties do not contain that a huge rubber band inside. Elastic Hair ties contain a rubber band inside it. Due to wear and tear, as well as constant use, that elastic band inevitably and unavoidably stretches out. And once it stretches out, it would begin to show through the seams, and eventually rip out your hair in the end.

And because ribbon hair ties do not a fatal flaw, women can use the same ribbon hair ties for months on end without worrying. Which is typically unheard of if you using the typical elastic variants.

Why do we use them?

Ribbon hair ties elevate and transform what a boring ponytail into something much neater-looking and prettier. Using typical elastic to do a ponytail would look like you did not even try styling your hair. But ribbon hair ties perks up the hairstyle up, without needing any additional effort. Ribbon hair ties come in different colors, designs, patterns, and styles.

How do we use them?

Many usually wrap ribbon hair ties around the hair three to four times. This number of wraps is ideal to secure the hair tie without making the hairstyle uncomfortably tight.

While many use ribbon hair ties solely when styling their hair, there are some who still fasten their hair with elastic bands, and then use ribbon hair ties to finish it up.

A great thing about ribbon hair ties is that it can be used as a hair band or as a ponytail. Ribbon hair ties are very versatile since you can also use the ribbon hair ties to loop your hair into an easy bun or use it to create a side bun.