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3 Awesome Gift Ideas To Give To Your Lumbersexual Bae

Lumbersexual is the new metrosexual. It is only five years ago that we ogle and swoon over dapper metrosexual men, who in there oxfords, loafers and awesome bow ties have us sending in uncontrollable stream of blush. Fast forward to 2015 and the tides of time have decided to switch the complete opposite. Presenting the lumbersexual, with its roots combining the roughness and carefree aura of a lumberjack and the urban sophistication of a city slicker, blame the rise of the hipsters who worship anything anti mainstream, consider this the unpolished twin. Though when we say unpolished we don’t mean like a complete hobo. They prefer survival adrenaline of the great outdoors while living within concrete confines. Easily spotted with their beards, flannel jackets and the taste for organic cuisine this mastered air or organized chaos make the millennial girl swoon with delight. If you have a lumbersexual bae or eyeing someone lumbersexual, consider giving them these gifts to win his heart.

Beard Grooming Set

                Yes, the ultimate vanity, pride and source of joy they’re beards set them apart from the otherwise too clean-cut crowd. Put said source of pride and upgrade it with a manbun and the said man is just irresistible; case in point Jared Leto. Give him a box containing the essentials like beard oil, peine para barba and face moisturizer to make sure his grooming game is always on pont. Bu we caution though, other girls maybe eyeing to steal your beautiful man anytime.

Wool Beanie

                Make sure your bae doesn’t catch a cold or acquire virus from all the stares he’s receiving with a lush and comfy beanie. Perfect when he wants to lay his hair down, wool beanies just give that air of the great outdoors and look perfect with his Doc Marten boots. Best to get it in hues of the forest or in neutrals of grey and navy blue, or the lumbersexual staple gingham red and watch him thank you a million times for being so thoughtful. You’re welcome, so go buy one now.

Stainless Steel Flask

                Don’t expect this dude to be just chilling in normal clubs and downing shots. This type of gentleman only drinks hard liquor. So give him a stainless steel flask to make sure his bourbon/whiskey/rum is within reach. Take the idea to the next level be etching a pine tree or a reindeer or an axe to really bring in the forest vibe wherever he goes. He’ll also make his other lumbersexual friends brimming with envy when he shows this and proudly say he got it from you. Ain’t that sweet?

Woodcut Coffee Table

                If you have money to burn rev up the full mile and give him a wooden coffee table! The more rough and undone looking the better. This will surely make a great accent piece at his apartment and might be stocking it with his other quirky knick-knacks. Just don’t cry when he runs out of firewood and burns this up. Sorry.