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Social Media Planning

Remember those days when socializing used to be done face-to-face and eye-to-eye, when coffee shops were perfect venues used for meeting people, and when weekends were set aside to meet friends and families. Well, they are now done Internet-to-Internet.

Social media planning is the strategy a company adopts to market their products by leveraging technology, the Internet and social networks. Arguably, the function of social media planning is now a subset of the traditional marketing department and has branched out as a whole new function of the company. The reason we see a shift in the way companies market their products is because of the proliferation of social networks and increased usage of them by the public at large. More and more people are hooked on to smartphones, laptops, and other devices to make them feel connected. So, would advertising a company’s banner on various websites online do the trick? Absolutely not. The success of social media planning would largely depend on the right combination of platforms to choose from. So, is traditional marketing dead? Again, the answer is absolutely not. Traditional marketing gurus passionately advocated the importance of knowing your customers first. This time-tested expert advice still holds true while doing social media planning for your companies. That is why you need expert advice.

A social media expert would give you the optimal combination of online platforms and social media networks to use that can reach your target audience in the quickest possible way in a cost-effective manner. In order to enhance the efficiency of social media planning, it is imperative to do in-depth research on the target market’s usage of social media such as

  • The social media networks and platforms mostly used
  • The frequency of usage and when
  • The size of the market using each platform or network
  • Cost of social media advertising
  • Reach of target audience
  • The ability to interact with the customers in real-time
  • The receptiveness and engagement of customers
  • Conversion rate

It goes without saying that social media planning is only effective if it is adapted, tweaked and revised according to its effectiveness on a continuous basis.  It takes time and effort to bear fruit. However, consistency is paramount. Time and again, research has shown that it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Well, one sure way of retaining existing customers is to keep them engaged in the brand in a meaningful manner. That is why some companies agree to match the rates of their competitors so that they do not lose their customers to the competition.

Social media planning uses an integrated marketing approach and takes into account the overall corporate goals of the company. Each activity should be quantified by tying it to a measurable objective. An optimal social media planning can go a long way in ensuring that you obtain good value for the money spent on advertising and promotions. The strategy adopted to build your presence online brings exponential results in terms of sales leads and business revenue.