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Drug treatment centers offer medical and psychotherapeutic treatment to help patients overcome drug addiction. Documented records show that drug treatment centers began in a Federal Penitentiary in the US. It was a practice to put drug addicts in separate cells from non-addicts. These addicts usually went through a period of monitored drug cleansing. The need for drug treatment centers arose when drug addicts who were not in prison, began to demand access to the drug treatment centers within the prison.


Drug treatment centers improved with development in science and medical research. In the past people believed that addicts could be convinced to give up their addictions, some people viewed addiction as a spiritual problem. But with successes recorded in the US Federal Penitentiary, scientist and researchers became more aware of their influence in helping drug addicts overcome their addictions.


In the 1950’s medical treatment specialists became more aware of drug addiction as the years progressed. Approaches to drug addiction treatment became more accessible to ordinary citizens decades later. Presently drug treatment centers are in almost every community. Many of these drug treatment centers offer supervised medical detoxification programs for addicts who are dependent on chemical substances. Drug treatment centers also offer a variety of therapies, aimed to help drug addicts overcome their addictions. Advancement is science and research has produced findings that have led to breakthroughs in recent advances in treatments adopted by drug treatment centers. Researchers in neurobiology, microbiology and genetics have shown the impact of drugs on the brain. By this important discovery drug treatment centers can develop new and improved approaches to the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction.


New drug treatments being employed by drug treatment centers are now more effective in the detoxification process than it was previously. Recent techniques in cognitive and behavioural therapies have proven to be very effective in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and in preventing addicts from going back to drug use.


Drug treatment centers provide a safe and secure home for addicts to receive treatment. Drug treatments are more effective when done in a stable environment which drug treatment centers provide. Most newly recovering addicts need a stable environment to enable them effectively avoid coming in contact with any substance, situation or person that may trigger his needs for drug use.


Drug treatment centers provide counsellors that understand all about addiction. Good drug treatment centers employ quality counsellors that are in a position to help addicts overcome their addiction problems. Having access to an available source of counsellors is an important benefit that drug treatment centers provide for patients


Drug treatment centers educate patients on how to overcome their addiction. They teach patients how to prevent relapse, they teach patients how to live independently from drugs or alcohol. Human beings, in general, especially drug addicts need to be taught how to live successful addiction-free lives. Drug treatment centers give patients valuable life tools that keep them drug or alcohol-free for their entire lifetime.


Drug treatment centers enable people build a lifelong relationship with other people who have similar goals to remain drug and alcohol-free. Patients are likely to get support from recovering drug or alcohol addicts. These recovering addicts sometimes offer needed peer support and encouragement. Patients can have accountability partners, learn from each other and receive support


Drug treatment centers enable patients participate in scheduled daily activities. Patients are required to attend one on one therapies, group therapies and support group programs. Having daily routines like these keep drug or alcohol addicts focused and encourages discipline. Patients are encouraged to talk about their drug or alcohol addictions during group and one on one therapy


Drug treatment centers encourage and teach patients about the importance of eating nutritious food that helps them physically and mentally. Patients are also encouraged to participate in regular exercises that will improve their physical and mental health.


Drug treatment centers offer privacy to patients. Most drug or alcohol addicts value their privacy and many do not want people to have details of the drug treatment centers they attend. Being under treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is a personal issue and drug treatment centers respect patient’s privacy


Drug treatment centers offer aftercare treatment to patients. Most drug treatment centers understand that patients need aftercare for the treatments to be successful. Drug treatment centers usually prepare patients for their life back home to enable them avoid the temptation of going back to drugs or alcohol. Drug treatment centers have planned aftercare programs that decrease the chances of patients becoming addicts again


The value of drug treatment centers to the successful treatment of drug and alcohol addicts is clear for everyone to see. Recent advances in science and research has given more optimism to medical specialists and people involved in the treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics. In the next few years, drug treatment centers will adopt even better approaches and techniques than they are presently using. The future of drug treatment centers looks even brighter than it did in past decades.

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