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Scary Reality

Never in million years have we been this narcissist over ourselves. We always need to look good not only for ourselves and for others. We have been so curious on how we will be able to trim that tummy, or how our teeth will be perfectly aligned, or even how our skin would radiate with a pink glow that we would do anything.

This generation has been so obsessed with getting that perfect body that we cannot help it but mull and try different diets without consulting the experts because by far we know that this is our body and we know it best anyway. Just because someone looks fit does it mean that he or she is healthy inside. On the contrary just because a person is a bit chubbier than you are, it means that he or she is healthier than you are. Our body does not work that way, ours among all organism in this planet is the most complex and diverse that it would require multiple experts to fully understand our body and its system as a whole.

There have been multiple diets that have been living with us, for some it works but for many it does not. Losing weight is not as simple as trading your carbohydrates for proteins or you do not eat dinner because that will make you lose weight. Again, our body does not work that way.

South beach diet, weight watchers, Mediterranean diet, zone diet, Atkins diet, volumetrics, raw food diet, and the paleo diet are some of the well believed diets that according to statistics are efficiently working. Now there is a new trend that has shaken the internet, the Weight Destroyer Program.

I know it sounds scary at first, but this is the new diet plan that seems to be shaking off the market and its competitor. Weight destroyer program is discovered by a 56-year-old man named Michael Wren which on that point is in the verge of his death. He was very unhealthy that is why the doctors have to set an expiration date for him which is more or less 6 months only. However, this young man did not just help himself by losing 53 pounds in 6 weeks with this discovery but also thousands of hopeful people out there as well.

This kind of miracles is what led people to cling into superficial diets. Prevention is better than cure, we all know that. So it is better to maintain your weight now than wait for the time where we are forced to starve ourselves because we do not have a choice. Living a healthy bad will hurt nobody so I do not see a reason why we should not do it. For what it’s worth if we live healthily now, we would have more time to spend with the people we love, we would enjoy a longer time living our lives, we would be able to do tons of activities without worrying about complications that would hurt us in the future. We do not have to worry on how much we will have to pay in the hospital or how much our maintenance medicine would be. All of it will be gone.